InnovHealth Summit Champions Middle East's Fight against Killer Diseases

InnovHealth Summit Champions Middle East's Fight against Killer Diseases



Regional private and public hospitals, key industry personnel and solution providers were among those in Abu Dhabi this week for the 6th Annual Middle East Healthcare Innovations Summit. This year's discussions placed particular emphases on four of the region's most fatal diseases: Cancer, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Endorsed by the UAE Ministry of Health and hosted on 24th - 25th April by business information company naseba, the initiative also examined both the present and future of healthcare development in the Gulf.

"Healthcare markets in the region are changing quickly. Middle East governments are investing heavily in healthcare with the introduction of compulsory health insurance being implemented throughout the Gulf. We are bridging the private sector and public authorities and creating a focused dialogue to enable and support the healthcare development in the region," commented naseba Healthcare Series Director Fabien Faure.

Obesity alone is threatening the lives of over a billion people worldwide. Experts at the summit examined potential methods and best practices for prevention - including the possible impact of lifestyle change.

One of the panellists, Gulf Healthcare International Chief Executive Officer, Mark Adams, summarised by saying, "Healthcare awareness and prevention is not the responsibility of the Government, the Health Authorities or their Doctors. It is each individual's problem - it is the responsibility of each mother or father to understand the implications of their lifestyle. Regular screening is essential and minor modifications to how we live our lives now will have profound impact in the future."

Advancements in new technology are playing their part too. A cutting-edge solution - the WAREED project - designed to save time, reduce errors and improve the accuracy of patient information, was a feature of the event.

It enables multiple healthcare departments to share and transfer data automatically, allowing for increased patient safety and better quality of service. The system was developed by leading business solutions and consultancy firm iCapital.

iCapital Chief Executive Officer, Amro Al Deeb, stated, "The on-going project has celebrated the successful culmination of its first phase and is set to materialise goals allocated for the second. The summit is a great opportunity for disseminating vital information and encouraging avant-garde developments within the health care industry."

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