Thunder Medical Launched to Bring Medical Assistance to Poor Urban Areas

Thunder Medical Launched to Bring Medical Assistance to Poor Urban Areas


Financially sustainable health care for rural America has escalated into an epic-level challenge. According to Indian Health Services (IHS), compared to urban dwellers, tribes face 750 percent more tuberculosis-related deaths, 550 percent higher incidents of alcoholism, and 90 percent more diabetes. Rural (non-Tribal) regions, home for more than 20 percent of America's population (about 6.14 million people), do not fare much better. Nearly 50 percent of rural residents have at least one major chronic illness and suffer from more traumatic injuries that result in higher risks of death than urban market populations. 

A team of best-in-class specialists launched Thunder Medical, LLC, to enable these under-served communities to access and develop financially sustainable healthcare. The company's proprietary approach applies a six-part strategy platform (see graphic) to reduce facility construction 28%, increase collections 20%, optimize buying power for medical supplies and improve profitability by as much as 35%. 

Thunder is a Native American-owned, Oklahoma-based company. The firm serves as a single source healthcare performance-improvement resource for remote market clinics and hospitals. One call connects its customers with best-in-class providers who share Thunder Medical's commitment to address the unique medical service needs of rural markets to ensure sustained financial feasibility. More details about the firm can be found at or by contacting their office at 214-789-7045.

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