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US Hospitals to Discuss Inbound and Domestic Medical Tourism at Los Angeles Conference in September

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Medical Tourism is growing bigger each year as people are realizing they can receive good quality for an affordable price elsewhere. Not only that but it may also eliminate “a second opinion” or seeing several doctors for treatment. This year’s 3rd Annual World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress are addressing these topics and much more. Visit the following press release to read more.

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New Global Leaders in Sustainable Healthcare & Hospital Development Conference Announced for Agenda

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We have some amazing new speakers at our conference!

Ricardo Forbes, president of International Captive Managers Ltd, Sonia Roschnik, operational director of NHS Sustainable Development Unit in the UK, Gail Vittori, Immediate Past Chair of the United States Green Building Council and the co-director for the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, Hugh Greeley,  founder of HG Healthcare Consultants, and Greg Carlson, assistant professor at the University of Alabama, Birmingham for the Health Services Administration and an associate for Healthcare Consulting , have all confirmed to speak at the Sustainable Healthcare & Hospital Development Conference.

Read more information about speakers at our conference by viewing the following press release:

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Global Leaders in Sustainable Healthcare & Hospital Development Conference Announced for Agenda

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I’m happy to announce four excellent speakers sharing their knowledge at our conference. To start off, Hon. Premier W. Mckeeva Bush and Dr. Devi Shetty have confirmed to speak at the Sustainable Healthcare and Hospital Development Conference. Besides their incredible individual backgrounds, they are working together to create a medical facility in the Cayman Islands that will give good quality care at half the price of any U.S facility. Dr. Rick Van Pelt has also confirmed to speak. Dr. Rick Van Pelt is the director of global programs at Partners Harvard Medical International (PHMI). He’s going to have a lot to say about global partnership and affiliations in healthcare. Lastly, Henning Lensch is traveling all the way from Germany to speak. Henning Lensch is the chairman of the Hospital Planning Group for the Association for German Consulting Engineers and Architects (VBI) and will be focusing on healthcare development in Germany.

Check out this press release to read on!

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Medical Tourism Association Announces Strategic Initiatives for Much Awaiting Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Congress 2010

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Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Congress is getting bigger and better. This year they’re approaching with new initiatives, more involvement, and phenomenal speakers. See for  yourself by checking out the following press release.

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Global Sustainable Healthcare and Hospital Development Conference Commands Dialogue About Going Green in the Global Healthcare Investment Sector Sept 22-24 2010 Los Angeles

July 13th, 2010 Comments off

Time to get excited!

Growth and development in the healthcare sector is rising with sustainability in the forecast around the globe. The Sustainable Healthcare and Hospital Development Conference will educate those interseted in the industry and create incredible networking opportunities. Click the link to learn more and see some of the remarkable list of speakers that will be sharing their knowledge.

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Editor Renee-Marie Stephano hits controversial topics for couple of years

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Very exciting news! The Medical Tourism Association is approaching it’s 3rd Anniversary of the Medical Tourism Magazine. It’s surpassed other publications in the industry and continues to spread its influential material. Keep an eye out for Issue 16 being released on this special day. Click the link to read more!

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Employer Healthcare Conference

July 7th, 2010 Comments off

Check out the link below to understand the importance of rising insurance costs hitting employers hard. The Employer Healthcare Conference will address these challenges and figure out solutions.

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Medical Tourism Conference Content and Agenda

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Hi readers!

The Medical Tourism Conference will be a great educational experience and an incredible networking opportunity but there’s more to engage in! Check out why you should attend the 3rd Annual Medical Tourism Conference and its agenda by clicking the following link.

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