Healthcare Development Magazine


Healthcare Development Magazine is the only magazine completely and 100% dedicated to the sustainable healthcare and healthcare development industry magazine. The SHHD Magazine is also the only magazine dedicated entirely to an online ‘web’ presence that combines both of these industries. The magazine is read in over 40 countries and is a business to business magazine


1/3 of companies and professionals look for their options to implement on healthcare development and sustainable healthcare on the internet and this number is consistently growing.

  • Advertise in the Healthcare Development Magazine
  • Advertise to your target market and get more “bang” for your buck because of the reduced costs of advertising online.
  • Reach thousands of companies that are in the industry of sustainable healthcare and healthcare development.
  • Generate inquiries and education from healthcare executives, designers, developers and more.
  • Increase your “Brand name” reputation throughout the country.
  • Educate the world on the solutions of your organization provides and why your organization is unique.
  • Use our online maximize readership
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The Healthcare Development Magazine promises to provide you the most cutting edge advice and expertise, not by writers who know nothing about the industry, but written by the experts who are actively involved in the worksite industry, who will give you a practical advice that you can immediately use, and it will be advice and expertise that will provide you with ROI (Return on Investment). We guarantee our readers that by reading our Sustainable Healthcare & Hospital Development Magazine each month they will receive an ROI of their time!


Total readership estimated at over 20,000 online readers from 40 countries

The target audience are from industries that are involved in sustainable healthcare and healthcare development;

  • Healthcare & Hospital Executives
  • Government Entities
  • Ministers/Dignitaries
  • Public & Private Hospitals/Medical Facilities
  • Healthcare Investors
  • Property & Healthcare Developers
  • Architects & Engineers
  • Accreditation Bodies
  • Secretaries of Economic Development
  • Artists & Designers
  • Consulting Firms & Solution Companies
  • Healthcare Real Estate Professionals
  • Investor and Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Medical Suppliers & Vendors
  • Hotel Chains
  • Marketing Organizations
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Airline Companies
  • Departments of Tourism & Ministries of Health
  • Physicians
  • Medical Tourism Companies
  • Technology & Software Companies
  • Media/Press
  • Health/Medical & Wellness Centers, Resorts & Spas
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Travel Agencies
  • Healthcare Organizations & Associations
  • And More

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